Product Aluminia hall
Year 2017
Location Medvode, Slovenia
Customer Jezeršek gostinstvo d.o.o.

Jezeršek catering is a family-owned business with a 35-year tradition. It is established in the Slovenian market as a reliable and flexible partner providing innovative and creative culinary solutions. In 2017, the company closed the doors of the Jezeršek Culinary House for the general public, which became a multi-purpose facility for all common services. A part of the structure also included the Aluminia warehouse hall, which provides the company with a space for catering, dishwashing, a cold storage room and its own meat curing facility. With the partition wall in the building, a warehouse and a closed loading area for 5 vans were combined under the structure. A modern storage space makes it easier to manipulate goods in bad weather and comply with hygiene regulations. The facility is fully air-conditioned and provides adequate temperatures throughout the summer and winter.

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