Product SIMPLe hall
Year 2018
Location Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia
Customer SG Automotive d.o.o.
SGA Group from Slovenske Konjice has more than 20 years of experiences with development and production of automotive LED lights, wire harnesses and many other hightech electronic parts for automotive industry. In their production plants in Slovenia and Serbia, trend-setting technologies are developed that are used all over the world. The need for additional storage space led SG Automotive company to the decision to build a light steel hall. The industrial hall provides a space for storage and dispatch of goods. Industrial doors with loading ramps allow for easy shipment of goods. The light steel hall is anchored to the asphalt surface without foundations. The erection of a hall without foundations is a great advantage for the customer as it saves time and money. Despite its lightness, the industrial hall meets all the static and insulating conditions of the hall.

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