uniflex P3N

Svestran, kreativan i modularan

The uniflex P3N tent from the family of large tents provides boundless creativity of event space solutions for outdoor events. The modular system offers the possibility to reshape a tent in two or more event areas.

uniflex P3N description

The basic units of the uniflex P3N tent that is available in 8m to 25m spans are an ideal technical solution for large tents. The continuous modularity of the system allows you to reshape the tent into two and these two in several tent areas, as you need only a few additional components to create a modular uniflex tent system with a wide selection of widths and shapes.

A sturdy frame is made of high-quality anodised 4-groove aluminium hollow profiles. All steel parts are hot zinc plated. The structures may be combined with each other in order to create larger space solutions.

The basic large tent P3N is available with white PVC covers without windows. The high-quality PVC covers are made of a polyester mesh with PVC coating on both sides. The translucent white colour of the PVC cover provides light transmittance. We also offer white opaque PVC covers to prevent light penetration into the room. PVC covers are certified according to DIN 4102, fire class B1, which represents not easily flammable materials.

The uniflex plus version offers the installation of hard-PVC panels or vertical glass elements.

Different models providing boundless creativity

You can combine and replace all the components of the system, and thanks to the complementary technology of this modular system, the number of necessary parts of the framework is at the same time limited to a minimum. This allows efficient storage and quick and easy installation. With our cutting-edge improvements, we always take into account the existing components of the system, which is another of its advantages, as your existing stock remains compatible and you can easily connect it with the latest solutions.

Technical data uniflex P3N
Profile 200 x 120 mm
Type surface 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 20, 21, 25 m
Side height 2,8 / 3,4 / 4,0 m
Truss distance 5 m
Roof slope 18 degrees
Wind load 103 km/h
Tensioning system spindle-fix
Mere šotora Losberger uniflex P3N 200 x 120 mm
  • Excellence of modularity
  • A sales hit
  • Optional roof shape
Streha A Streha Arcum
A-shape roof Arcum roof

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