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The latest and most innovative product from the series of large event structures, Palas, instils a feeling of magnificence. The impressive space with its sturdy shape and large glass surfaces dictates trends in the field of prominent events on the world scale. The exceptional side heights of the structure allow the installation of large temporary rooms at musical events, sports events, fairs and in car showrooms. The Palas is useful as a large event hall, but we can build a version with two storeys or a partial mezzanine floor.

Description of the Palas event structure

This nearly cube-shaped event facility with an eave height of 8 metres and an optional installation of horizontal and vertical wall elements is introducing a new dimension of space design.

The basic shape of the Palas event tent is a gable roof with a slight roof slope of only 7 degrees and a surrounding roof parapet. The roof parapet makes the roof appear flat. It also allows for facility branding, which can serve as an innovative way to present your company or brand.

Gutters concealed between the roof and the parapet drain water from the roof. The facility’s roof is made of an inflatable double PVC cover. The high-quality PVC cover features a polyester mesh and a PVC layer on both sides. The opaque white PVC cover restricts the penetration of light into the structure. The space within the double cover provides increased thermal insulation. All PVC covers have been certified in accordance with DIN 4102 and meet the B1 fire retardant standard due to the materials’ high fire resistance.

A sturdy frame is made of high-quality anodised 4-groove aluminium hollow profiles. All steel parts are hot zinc plated. Opt for the Emporium solution if you need an optional mezzanine or a facility with two floors.

Double glass doors with anti-panic bars and an optional ramp facilitate the movement through the facility.

A solution with large glass surfaces

The exceptional dimensions of the Palas structure make it possible to create creative spaces at the most prestigious events. Palas allows the closing of the sides with horizontal and vertical wall elements on two floors. This allows for complete glazing of the building or combined closing of the building with hard PVC panels and glass elements. The glazing of the building with horizontal glass elements is certainly an excellent choice for events at the highest level.

Technical data Palas
Profile 300 x 120 mm
Span width 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 m
Side height 8 m
Truss distance 5 m
Roof slope 7 degrees
Wind load 103 km/h
Tensioning system spindle-fix
  • Optional two-storey design
  • Rent or buy

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