Pagoda P8

Lepa, praktična i individualna

Jači profili Pagode P8 omogućavaju postavljanje staklenih ili čvrstih stranica. Pagoda sa staklenim stranicama je idealan dodatan prostor za sve priredbe na višem nivou.

Pagoda P8 description

With its distinctive appearance, first-class materials and high-quality finishing, the Losberger de Boer Pagoda never fails to make a positive impression. It offers attractive marquee architecture for a variety of purposes, whether as a standalone structure or with other pagodas. It is ideal for events, catering and trade.

A sturdy frame is made of high-quality anodised 2-groove aluminium hollow profiles. All steel parts are hot zinc plated. The structures may be combined with each other in order to create larger space solutions.

The Losberger de Boer Pagoda P8 is available with white PVC covers without windows. The high-quality PVC covers are made of a polyester mesh with PVC coating on both sides. The translucent white colour of the PVC cover provides light transmittance. We also offer white opaque PVC covers to prevent light penetration into the room. PVC covers are certified according to DIN 4102, fire class B1, which represents not easily flammable materials.

The basic pagoda P8 is available with white PVC covers without windows. Pagoda P8 also offers the installation of hard-PVC panels or vertical glass elements.

Technical data Pagoda P8
Profile 100 x 48 mm
Type surface 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 5, 6 x 6 m
Side height 2,30 and 2,50 m
Peak height 3,70–5,40 m
Mere šotora Losberger Pagoda P8 100 x 48 mm
  • Robust construction
  • Glass or PVC fillers

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