maxiflex Emporium

Atraktivna prostorna rešenja na dva sprata

maxiflex Emporium is an ideal spatial solution for the upper floor in a two-storey event area, such as a balcony or a whole floor. Two-storey tents and event structures (double-deckers) provide a wonderful outlook platform for large events such as sports events, business events, celebrations, etc.

maxiflex Emporium description

This space solution cannot be compared to conventional double-deckers: you can easily install the maxiflex Emporium as a standalone second floor in any larger tent or event structure. Depending on your needs, you can use it as a balcony, a separate gallery, or a whole separate storey. maxiflex Emporium performs its function as an outlook platform at large events.

maxiflex Emporium allows the closing of side panels with hard PVC panels and glazing with vertical or horizontal glass. Glass elements offer the penetration of natural light into the room and increase the aesthetics of the tent. Double glass doors with anti-panic bars and an optional ramp facilitate movement through the facility.

Technical data maxiflex Emporium
Profile 300 x 120 mm
Type surface 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 m
Side height 6,8 and 8,0 m
Truss distance 5 m
Field area 5 x 5 m
Wind load 103 km/h
Tensioning system spindle-fix
  • Optional roof shape
Streha A Streha Arcum
A-shape roof Arcum roof

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