easyflex P5N

Mnogo toga po povoljnoj ceni

The easyflex P5N is easy to use, but still maintains the highest quality materials and design. It will interest those users for whom an affordable price is most important. The easyflex plus version offers a whole range of tent accessories: system cassette flooring, glass elements, hard PVC panels, aluminium doors, ramps and other accessories for event tents.

easyflex P5N description

The easyflex P5N tent with 10m to 15m spans is a particularly attractive option for all those customers who, when deciding on a tent, consider the price to be the most important. Although the tent is extremely cost effective, we maintain the famous Losberger de Boer criteria for materials and construction. Constant optimisation, simplification of the frame technology, and the possibility of modular construction that are available only for this tent, led to significant savings that have made it possible to produce an extremely economical and high-quality tent.

A sturdy frame is made of high-quality anodised 4-groove aluminium hollow profiles. All steel parts are hot-dip galvanised. The structures may be combined with each other in order to create larger space solutions.

The basic large tent P5N is available with white PVC covers without windows. The high-quality PVC covers are made of a polyester mesh with PVC coating on both sides. The translucent white colour of the PVC cover provides light transmittance. We also offer white opaque PVC covers to prevent light penetration into the room. PVC covers are certified according to DIN 4102, fire class B1, which represents not easily flammable materials.

Different models that provide flexibility and variety

Compared to the standard easyflex tent, the easyflex plus version offers a whole range of accessories: aluminium doors, ramps, Losberger de Boer system casette flooring, and closing sides with vertical hard PVC panels and glazing with vertical glass.

Technical data easyflex P5N
Profile 150 x 120 mm
Type surface 10, 12, 15 m
Side height 2,8 and 3,4 m
Truss distance 5 m
Roof slope 18 degrees
Wind load 103 km/h
Tensioning system spindle-fix
Mere šotora Losberger easyflex P5N 150 x 120 mm
  • Good value
  • Optional roof shape
A-shape roof Arcum roof
A-shape roof Arcum roof

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