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The Cyclone cube ranks among the new generation of small event structures. The architecturally pure design, straight lines and large glass surfaces create a completely new feel for event space. The Cyclone is an ideal spatial solution for various activities at smaller and larger events: catering, showroom, promotional space, event space, info point, pop-up store, VIP box, presentation of a new car, etc. Cyclone is an appealing exhibition structure with advanced design and is made of the highest quality materials.

Description of the Cyclone event structure

The Cyclone brings a breath of fresh air to the field of events and social events. With its advanced design, clean lines, quality materials and glass surfaces, it creates a completely new feel of the interior from the outside and from the inside.

The special feature of the Cyclone is a flat roof made of high-quality PVC cover which forms a funnel that descends towards one corner inside the structure to collect stormwater. The slightly curved shape resembles a tornado or a tropical cyclone, hence the name. Together with the futuristic look, this unique design will attract attention and add a touch of elegance and originality to your event.

The Cyclone event structure offers the closing off of the side panels with high-quality PVC covers, vertical hard PVC panels or glazing with vertical glass. Glazing of the cube with glass is certainly an excellent choice for events at the highest level.

A sturdy frame is made of high-quality anodised 4-groove aluminium hollow profiles. All steel parts are hot zinc plated. Double glass doors with anti-panic bars and an optional ramp facilitate movement through the facility.

Different combinations that provide flexibility and diversity

One of the main advantages of the Cyclone cube is undoubtedly modularity. Individual Cyclone Mono basic elements can be combined with other elements in groups to create individual spatial solutions according to your own ideas.

Technical data Cyclone
Base area (Mono) 5 x 5 m
Span width 5 m
External ridge height (with flooring) 2,80 m
Legs 100 x 100 mm
Eave purlins 108 x 124 mm
Longest profile (eave purlins) 5,02 m
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Future Day in BTC City, Ljubljana, 2018
LIDL on a visit – an additional promotional space at the 50th MOS Fair, 2017
GB Leasing at the 55th AGRA Fair, 2017

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