Product Event tent Losberger de Boer maxiflex P1 Arcum Emporium
Year 2017
Location Ljubljana, Slovenia
Customer Lucky Luka d.o.o.

An interactive ice land has opened its doors in Ljubljana. It offers a number of unforgettable adventures. The 3000m2 of ice surfaces provide the most popular winter activities and first-class experiences: the central LED-light ice rink, small NHL hockey skating rink, ice slide, curling sheet, ice trails, kids’ corner, donut-ring, LED-lights in the ice, photobooth, radar skating speedometer, food stalls, skates and equipment rental, fair, rich activities programme on and off the ice.

The concept of the organiser is different from what we have been used in Slovenia. In spite of the availability of various winter activities, the largest ice rink in Slovenia also offers a rich programme with added value. Our team also strives for the same goal. With the assembly of architecturally perfected mobile structures, we fulfil our customers’ wishes and offer our visitors an extraordinary experience.

Elegance and originality at one of the most modern ice projects in Europe

Main event space

Event tent Losberger de Boer maxiflex P1 Arcum Emporium

Double-decker event tent with a curved Arcum roof and a terrace give visitors an entirely new experience. The view from the terrace to the interactive ice land is simply fantastic! The Losberger de Boer double-decker is intended for a tickets cashier, catering and all kind of events like corporate events, birthday parties or parties with your friends.

Rental shop for skates and equipment

Event tent Losberger de Boer multiflex P7 Arcum

A marquee with a curved roof and glass sides is a top-notch spatial solution for a rental shop at a modern ice rink. Heating of the marquee with glass sides is quite simple compared to heating marquees with PVC tarpaulins. A pleasant heated space gives the visitor a sense of familiarity, and the appearance of the curved roof nicely complements the concept of an icy land.

A covered ice hockey rink

Event tent Losberger de Boer maxiflex P1 Arcum

For all fans of the sport, ice hockey was set up in a covered hockey ice rink. Ice hockey rink rental allowed visitors of all ages a number of unforgettable socialising events in a sporting spirit.

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