Over the years, with everything that includes the use of tents and halls, we have gained so much experience that we prepared a special program. The hall rental program effectively contributes to your business success and financial growth.

Due to several advantages, the hall rental program has proven to be an extremely popular way of providing additional space for storage, production, logistics, workshops, etc.

Hal rental program
  • Quick delivery and assembly
  • Flexible solution
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy removal of the hall
  • Possibility of adjusting the hall
  • Possibility of rental extension
  • Purchase of the hall
  • Financial benefit
Flexible space solution

Establish a favorable cost-benefit ratio by renting an industrial hall. It is also the ideal solution for companies that need a fast solution when creating additional space.

Due to unpredictable business changes, you might face a need for construction adjustment. The VMC rental program makes it easy to adjust construction and accessories. This allows you to easily customize the hall to your requirements during the rental period.

Financial benefit

If you only need space for a certain period of time, renting an industrial hall is without a doubt the most optimal solution for your business. Monthly rent provides both direct tax benefits and increased liquidity.

After a certain rental period, you may decide to return the construction, extend the rental, or purchase the hall.

For additional information on renting an industrial hall, product information and technical advice, we are at your disposal. Contact us: info@vmc21.com or +386 1 292 77 60.

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