Living and working at a distance

Companies are obliged to look for creative solutions and to establish the necessary measures to enable their employees to have a safe distance from one another at the workplace. If it is not possible for companies to protect their workers through these measures or to enable them to work from home, they are obliged to close them.

At Losberger De Boer we can provide you with the additional space you need. Because our quickly deployable room solutions can be used as office and meeting rooms, canteens, or even as workshops and production facilities.

Quickly create additional space for social distancing

The modular room solutions from Losberger De Boer offer various efficient and practical options for the temporary provision of additional space. As a result, both the legal regulations and the wishes of the employees can be taken into account, while the continuation of the company is ensured.

We help companies to adapt to the ‘one and a half meter society’

Losberger De Boer has developed several quickly deployable solutions to meet current requirements quickly and efficiently.

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