In the fight against the spread of COVID-19 infection, social distancing is one of the most important measures. As a result, healthcare organizations are forced to provide sufficient space to maintain a safe distance between patients and staff, while ensuring the undisturbed services of healthcare and care.

Rapid response to the coronavirus epidemic

Our Inflatable structures are designed for a quick and adapted response to multiple needs. Due to its extremely fast and easy installation (less than 10 minutes from deployment to installed and ready to use), TAG inflatable tents can be used as medical posts, first responders, rapid response accommodation, emergency medical care, command posts, and field hospitals.

Easy to use in all weather conditions

The tents feature easy handling, fast installation, and have excellent wind resistance. Ground fastening rings and the guy lines keep the tent anchored in even the most challenging weather conditions and on any type of terrain.
The structures can be erected in just minutes with an electric inflator and for many structures take just one person to assemble. Tents can be packaged so they can be carried by hand to the place of use. Thanks to their modular design, the tents can be connected in different directions and can easily make a star-shaped configuration. Options are available for short and long-term use depending on your needs.

Temporary space solutions for healthcare and hospitals

TAG inflatable tents are a quick and safe solution for additional medical rooms with hospital beds and all the necessary equipment. Beds can be placed in a tent in a way to ensure a safe distance between patients and to allow staff to move freely around the room.

For additional information on inflatable tents and technical advice, we are at your disposal. Contact us: or +386 1 292 77 60.

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