Materials and accessories for tents


Enrich your event space

A comprehensive program of accessories offers the possibility of creating an original event space design. System cassette wall elements made of hard PVC or glass, cassette flooring, aluminium doors, ramps, decorative elements and other accessories will help you create individual event space solutions for any occasion.

  • Solutions for every budget
  • Wide range of products
  • Load-bearing structures in steel and aluminium
  • Verifiable static calculation according to Eurocode (EC0, EC1, EC3)
  • Short delivery time
  • Buy or rent

System cassette flooring

The well-engineered Losberger de Boer flooring system has been developed to meet the high demands required by modern trends of creating event spaces and their users.

multiflex System Cassette Flooring
multiflex System Cassette Flooring
multiflex System Cassette Flooring

multiflex profile tube flooring for small tents

Tailor-made, durable, economical and beautiful

The excellent fit of individual flooring elements means that the flooring is easy to install and looks good even without floor carpeting. When tent anchoring is required, our flooring system with integrated steel weight plates provides the perfect solution: After the installation of all floor cassettes you simply hand-position the practical metal rods in the required bays and create the necessary weight. With this technology the utilisation of ground anchors is no longer required.

Dimensions (l x w): 295 x 101 cm

System cassette flooring for large tents

For an outstanding visual impression

The excellent congruence of the individual elements and the relatively small amount of necessary components make the Losberger de Boer cassette flooring system quick and easy to install. Integrated cable channels with variable cable exits allow cables and supply lines to be laid accurately and thus routed cleanly and invisibly to the required extraction points. Our cassette flooring can be used for the large tent systems easyflex plus, uniflex and maxiflex. It has a load bearing capacity of up to 350 kg/m² and up to 1000 kg/m² with appropriate underpinning.

Dimensions (l x w): 243 x 100 cm

System cassette flooring for large tents
System cassette flooring for large tents
System cassette flooring for large tents

Specific visual accents

With numerous options for interior and exterior design, you can further emphasize and upgrade your event space.

System cassette wall elements made of hard-PVC

For solid walls, especially in conjunction with a floor, Losberger de Boer hard PVC panels are an ideal solution. These are installed instead of the standard PVC side curtains.

Glass elements

Our high quality horizontal and vertical glass elements offer you plenty of natural daylight and the insights and views that you want to have. Furthermore, they increase the aesthetic appearance of the event tent space.

Textile side curtains

Our textile side curtains are made from robust PVC, insensitive to dirt and available with windows in several attractive designs.


Entrance and exit doors as accessory elements to evaluate the appearance of a tent and define clearly the entrance to the tent or event and exhibition hall. All Losberger de Boer door elements are lockable and equipped with the appropriate emergency and safety bolts.


Access ramps can be purchased as a complementary add-on in order to ensure
accessibility for all visitors and facilitate delivery of equipment.


Two-storey event tents offer comfortable and safe stairs in various shapes and designs that can be installed outside or inside the event structure.

Transport racks

For a safe transport and economical storage of your event equipment

All tent accessories can be securely transported and optimally stored with Losberger de Boer’s stackable transport and storage racks – even on minimal space. The racks are available in various sizes and configurations and are precisely tailored to the products. Wall and floor cassettes, windows and glass elements, doors and roof covers, etc. can be safely protected and stored efficiently.

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