Industrial Halls


Solution for Every Application

At VMC, we have developed light metal constructions with the highest level of quality and safety. Our space solutions, industrial halls and warehouse tents, are fully adapted to your requirements and enable you to achieve your business goals.

  • Quality: 100 % European quality, including static calculations
  • Multi-purpose: warehousing, production, logistics, workshops
  • Standardisation: in accordance with European regulations
  • Flexibility: adaptation according to space and timetable
  • Accessibility: fast delivery

VMC industrial halls and storage tents

Nowadays, more than ever, a successful company must respond quickly and effectively to changes in the market. Constant spatial issues bring a time and financial loss, therefore we have developed flexible space solutions for you, which will enable your company growth.

VMC industrial halls and warehouse tents are applicable in many fields – industry, production, warehouse, showroom, vehicle storage (carport), logistics (high-bay warehouse), workshop, recycling, civil protection. Our experienced team will prepare a conceptual design for a simple warehouse in which your goods are protected from weather conditions or a production hall that is equipped with windows, doors, ramps, cranes, etc.

Individual space solutions

Light metal VMC constructions with steel or aluminum construction is a safe choice for your spatial issues. Our system halls and storage tents are adapted to your needs – ranging up to 50m and optional height and length. In addition, VMC halls allow for efficient growth, as the installation and dismantling of the hall is extremely fast.

Want to know more about our halls?

All types of industrial halls and storage tents can be viewed in a free colour catalogue.

Download catalogue

Please trust us your information and download the catalogue to your device in the next step.


Download catalogue

Please trust us your information and download the catalogue to your device in the next step.



Business success also means responding to changing market conditions as soon as possible. In order to establish a positive benefit-cost ratio in our company, our project managers will prepare a technical drawing for a production hall that suits your needs. The individual production hall will ensure efficient growth of your production.


Logistics centres require a number of transport routes, high-bay equipment, demanding regulations (fire, statics), etc. We provide functional and advanced space solutions for logistics, i.e. high-bay warehouses that ensure successful logistic processes in your company.


Changing market conditions often require the installation of additional space in the shortest possible time. Warehouse is indispensable for the successful operation of your business. Therefore, we have developed economic halls with fast delivery for you. System halls with steel construction are an ideal space solution for your warehouse. You can choose between a wide range of accessories such as doors, windows, lighting, and HVAC.

Vehicle storage

Vehicle storage requires a high level of safety and security. We offer high-quality storage tents that provide the highest protection against weather conditions, for example, protection against hail. Our halls for safe vehicle storage thus reduce the cost of vehicle insurance.

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