Event structures


Our event structures

New architectural and innovative Losberger De Boer space structures are the top choice for organising events at the highest level. Clean lines, glass surfaces and quality materials will add style to your events.

  • Quality: 100 % European quality, including static calculations
  • Multi-purpose: fairs, sport, catering, corporate events, VIP events
  • Modular: remove or add one or several modules
  • Economics: buy or rent
  • Accessibility: fast delivery

New architectural solutions

Nowadays, recognisability is an essential element that contributes to a company’s success. Losberger de Boer event structures ensure the highest level of visibility at small- and large-scale outdoor events. Offer your guests more! Keep your loyal customers and business partners enthusiastic about your innovative event. New architectural space solutions are the top choice for organising events at the highest level.

Creative event structures are individually tailored to your needs for a variety of purposes, such as advertising, company presentations, promotions, business gatherings, company anniversaries and fashion shows.

Nobility of aluminum and glass

The recognisability of events is facilitated by large glass areas (horizontal and vertical glass elements), a flat roof, a cube shape and a possibility of two-floor event structures. The most innovative event tent solutions by Losberger de Boer enable the installation of attractive printed facade banners and the integration of mobile LED screens.

Want to know more about modern event structures?

All types of structures and tents with a flat roof can be viewed in a free colour catalogue.

Download catalogue

Please trust us your information and download the catalogue to your device in the next step.


Download catalogue

Please trust us your information and download the catalogue to your device in the next step.


Corporate and VIP events

Corporate events are a great opportunity to presents your company in the best possible way. Offer your customers, suppliers, and employees the comfort they deserve. Our event structures are flexible to your visions, and the assembly of the structure does not take much time. Losberger de Boer event structures will support you with creativity and comfort – from decoration and lighting to furniture and equipment – whether you organise a small party for employees or a major corporate event.

Sports events

Hospitality must be felt by all participants of the sporting event, from viewers to VIP guests, sponsors, and press representatives. Nowadays, Losberger de Boer tents can be found at nearly all recognised sporting events – the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup, the world kayak-canoe championship, motorsports, major international ski and athletics competitions. Choose our event structures and your guests will always sit “in the first row”!

Fashion shows

Fashion gives designers the opportunity for an innovate presentation of their products. We, on the other hand, make sure that your special guests experience a stylish and classy atmosphere. For fashion shows and events, we have created innovative event structures that enable the creative presentation of fashion creations. Losberger de Boer space solutions play an important role in the fashion world (London Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week).

Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Fairs are a great opportunity to present your company in an innovative way. Our promotional spaces offer you individual space solutions for presenting your company at local and international trade fairs. Take advantage of our creative facilities to promote your business. Our experienced team will offer you a professional support from a company presentation on 25m2 to a 25,000m2 consumer fair somewhere out in the countryside.

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