Product Aluminia hall
Year 2018
Location Vrhnika, Slovenia
Customer Avtovleka Čepon, Čepon Stanislav s.p.

The family-owned company Avtovleka Čepon offers transportation of new vehicles, construction machinery and holiday vehicles, rental of replacement vehicles and storage of vehicles and mechanisation. Their work is based on rich experience, tradition and commitment to quality, the proof of which is an excellent customer satisfaction assessment.

The magnificent Aluminia hall measuring 25m x 75m is the ultimate choice for vehicle storage, as its strong construction ensures the safety and durability of the structure. The lateral height of 5m allows entrance to both personal vehicles and vans as well as freight vehicles. The interior dimensions of the structure allow for storage of vehicles and manipulation of vehicles on trucks. The purpose of the structure is primarily to protect vehicles against bad weather, which in turn allows timely delivery of vehicles. Even during bad weather conditions, the company can operate smoothly and without interruption. The extremely strong structure of the Aluminia hall ensures sufficient stability for all prescribed snow and wind loads and for protection against hail. The mesh on the wall provides constant ventilation and a visually appealing appearance of the industrial building.

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