Product Event tent Losberger de Boer maxiflex P1 40.5/400×75
Year 2019
Location Bačka Topola, Serbia
Customer Sat Trakt d.o.o.

The first football club in Backa Topola was founded in 1912 and officially exists since 1913 under the name “Topolski Sportski Club” (TSC). A football club with more than 100-year-old tradition, TSC Backa Topola, finished the season 2016-2017 with the promotion in the Serbian First League.

Football academy

In August 2018 the state-of-the-art academy was opened in Backa Topola. The Football Academy with a central stadium, 4 auxiliary football fields, and accommodation for football players.
The aim of TSC Backa Topola was to improve the conditions for working with young football players and provide the most suitable environment for their development and progress. In general, the Football Academy is supposed to lead to the development of talented football players and football infrastructure in Vojvodina and Serbia in the long term.

Setting up a tent for football training

A heated tent measuring 40 x 75 m with a side height of 4 m will be placed on the small football field during the winter. A covered football field will be dedicated to football training and preparations for the new season. An outdoor sports facility allows for the football field to be available in all weather conditions, including in winter.
The large sports facility is fully adapted to the requirements and needs of the FK TSC football club, as the maxiflex P1 tent has no supporting arms in angles and still meets all static requirements. This feature allows football players to use space uninterruptedly during training.
Losberger De Boer tents are easy to assemble and disassemble, so the customer can create individual spatial solutions without great effort. The customer can set up a smaller tent of 20 m width and use the rest of the tent as the storage space for equipment. What is more, the maxiflex P1 large tent can also provide an exceptional event space for major events.
The general sponsor of TSC Backa Topola is the Backa Topola-based company SAT-TRAKT d.o.o.

The maxiflex P1 tent assembly in Backa Topola

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