Product Event tent Losberger De Boer maxiflex P1 Arcum and the Cyclone cube
Year 2019
Location Republic Square, Ljubljana
Customer Zavod Zvereene

At the beginning of April, the Republic Square in Ljubljana has hosted a spring edition of Ljubljana Fashion Week, LJFW. Under the architecturally fresh event structure, fashion enthusiasts could enjoy the creations of fashion designers from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Austria, and Hungary.

Urban space of fashion surpluses

We are pleased to have contributed to the creative organization of the Jubilee 10th edition of LJFW. Among the important novelties of Ljubljana Fashion Week, we can certainly count the assembly of two innovative event tents that we have not seen in our capital so far.

We believe that architecturally fresh tents in the city center make a thorough contribution to the presentation of Ljubljana as a modern European capital. In addition, the assembly of the Losberger De Boer tents is in accordance with the green character of Ljubljana as all the environmental requirements for a minimum burden on nature are taken into account (DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001).

With the assembly of architecturally perfected mobile structures, we fulfil our customers’ wishes and bring a new dimension of space design. In VMC we feel the obligation to offer Ljubljana only the best space solutions and contribute to raising the quality of events to the highest level. We are looking forward to creating new urban spaces for events in the city center of Ljubljana.

Event tent with glass elements for the spring edition of LJFW

An event tent with glass elements measuring 15m x 50m has hosted a crowd of fashion lovers on the Republic Square. At the Republic Square visitors were welcomed by almost 800 m2 large tent with special design and large glass entrance. There was a large number of visitors on the first day of LJFW. Melinda Rebrek, an executive producer of LJFW, said: “the tent would be filled even if it was 20 meters longer …” (MMC RTV Slovenija, 2019).

LJFW glass cube

Attractive exhibition cube with its advanced design and futuristic look is an ideal solution for events like LJFW. The Cyclone cube creates a completely new feeling of space. The upper part of the facade offers the installation of an attic that enables the branding of the structures and thus a top-notch visual representation of the event. At Ljubljana fashion week, the Cyclone glass cube was set up as the info point. The Philips Slovenia beauty corner was also placed inside the cube.

We construct concepts

Event tents with an advanced design and large glass surfaces allow the highest level of visibility at events. As one of the most important fashion events in Slovenia, LJFW certainly deserves a superior appearance and the most creative space solutions that impress visitors.

Event tents assembly for LJFW, 2019

Ljubljana Fashion Week, 2019

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