Product Inflatable tent TAG NG 5A 2D
Year 2020
Location Ptuj, Slovenia
Customer Ptuj General Hospital

Due to the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak, the management of the Ptuj General Hospital decided to set-up a temporary additional space in addition to the existing building. As one of the most important measures against the spread of coronavirus disease is maintaining a safe distance, many hospitals and other healthcare organizations have faced a lack of space. Our inflatable tents and other modular facilities are a fast, safe, and reliable solution for a quick response to space constraints.

Inflatable tent with hospital beds and accessories

Due to space constraints, the Ptuj General Hospital decided to set up an additional space in which they can safely provide health services. For this purpose, we supplied the Ptuj General Hospital with an inflatable tent TAG NG. The tent is intended for additional medical space with hospital beds and additional equipment. We also supplied the hospital with HVAC and the floor system, which allows easy cleaning and disinfection. The inflatable tent is available for use in all weather conditions.

Comparison: Inflatable tent vs. container
  • Faster assembly
  • More affordable assembly
  • Spatial flexibility
  • Modularity

TAG inflatable tents have some important advantages over container solutions. An inflatable tent is a faster, more affordable, and more flexible solution.

The assembly costs for inflatable tents are lower than setting up a container that requires the use of a lift. Furthermore, the inflatable tent assembly is faster. A tent can be erected by one person using an electric compressor in less than 10 minutes. The inflatable tent TAG NG is a more cost-effective solution, as it measures 5.6 meters in width, while the maximum width of containers is only 2.5 meters. Also, the modular design of inflatable tents allows you to connect the tents in different directions and thus create individual space solutions.

For additional information on inflatable tents and technical advice, we are at your disposal. Contact us: or +386 1 292 77 60.

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