Product Event tent easyflex P5N
Year 2015
Location Radomlje, Slovenia
Customer Radomlje Sports Park

Radomlje Sports Park offers a home to two football clubs, the Radomlje Football Club and the Radomlje Women’s Football Club. In addition to the football fields, the sports park also offers an event tent for events, celebrations, and picnics. We supplied the Losberger De Boer easyflex P5N tent measuring 15m x 40m to the Radomlje Sports Park.

Event tent Losberger De Boer easyflex P5N

The easyflex P5N tent with 10m to 15m spans is a particularly attractive option for all those customers who, when deciding on a tent, consider the price to be the most important. Although the tent is extremely cost-effective, we maintain the famous Losberger de Boer criteria for materials and construction.

The basic large tent P5N is available with white PVC covers without windows. Compared to the standard easyflex tent, the easyflex plus version offers a whole range of accessories, such as aluminium doors, ramps, Losberger de Boer system cassette flooring, and closing sides with vertical hard PVC panels and glazing with vertical glass.

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