Product Event tent Losberger de Boer maxiflex P1 Arcum
Year 2017
Location Planica, Slovenia
Customer Slovenian Tourist Board

The Days of Slovenian Tourism event is the main event in the field of tourism on our territory and is organised in accordance with the strategic aim of strengthening ties in the development and marketing of Slovenian tourism. In October 2017, we finally presented a new design concept with the added value of the modern design to the Slovenian market.

Presenting Slovenia as a 5-star experience destination

Event and “I Feel Slovenia” brand promotion

The first assembly of the Losberger de Boer tent on Slovenian ground followed the organiser’s clear goals and wishes – raising quality to the highest level and presenting Slovenia as a 5-star experience destination. Losberger de Boer Arcum enabled a top promotion of the I feel Slovenia brand as well.

The green scheme of Slovenian tourism

The Losberger de Boer structure does not have any impact on the environment as all environmental requirements for a minimum burden on nature are taken into account (DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001). The silver opaque insulating roof allows the reflection of the sun’s rays, which prevents overheating of the building. Glass panels ensure less energy loss. The heating and ventilation system utilises the exchange of internal warm air for the return heating of the structure.

Architectural surplus of the pavilion

Thanks to its design features, especially the curved roof, the Losberger de Boer Arcum event tent extensively complements the Nordic Centre Planica and offers quality coexistence with the natural environment. With these architecturally demanding building shapes and with the added value of a modern design, we offer a new approach to influential events.

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