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What are cookies?

Cookies are simple text files that some web pages save to your computer via browser and store some non-personal information. This is how website recognizes your device on future visits.

Cookies on

Website uses the following cookies:

Name Expiry Purpose
2 years
1 minute
24 hours
Website visitor statistics
These cookies are set by Google Analytics (Google Inc.) to record page visits (details). Some last until the end of the session, some longer. They do not contain any personal information. Visitor’s IP address is not disclosed (details).
viewed_cookie_policy 1 year Cookies settings
Cookie that remembers your confirmation that you accept the use of cookies. It lasts 1 year and makes sure that the notification does not appear anymore during this time.

We do not transfer data collected using our own cookies to third parties. Learn more about our protection of your personal information on Privacy Policy. Please contact us if there are any problems or questions at

Third party cookies

We use the Facebook Pixel analytics tool on our sites to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising on Facebook. In this case, the cookies of their site are loaded.

Name Expiry Purpose
fr 90 days Facebook Pixel Code
Facebook’s basic advertising cookie that is used to deliver, measure, and improve the suitability of our ads.

If you are currently logged into your personal Facebook profile, additional cookies will be downloaded from their site. For more information on using and controlling Facebook cookies, see their Cookie Policy.

Cookie settings in your browser

Browsers allow cookies by default. To delete cookies or to modify browser settings in this regard, follow these instructions for each of the most common browsers.

When you set up which cookies you want to accept and which ones to reject, website will strictly follow that information. You can delete existing cookies using your browser.

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